Paul Pedulla

Behind the Gray Barn
Peak Encounters
Along the Haraseeket

My paintings begin with simple ideas about space and place, often influenced by my New 
England roots. The idea may be a real place I can see at that moment or something that exists 
in my mind, such as a memory. I then take the idea and start a journey with my palette. The most 
exciting part of the trip is not knowing exactly where I'll end up. I invite you to experience where 
some of these adventures have taken me. But maybe your interpretations will take you to places 
I've never even been. 
Paul Pedulla grew up in New England and currently has homes in both Maine and Massachusetts. 
He has a BA from Boston College and studied with Katherine Martin Widmer at The School of 
Painting in Somerville, Massachusetts. His emergence as an artist has been rapid and his paintings
can be found in homes and businesses in New England and beyond. He has had pieces accepted 
into many juried venues, including exhibitions at Boston Public Library, Heartwood College of Art, 
Boston's South End Open Studios and more. In addition, his work has been seen and written 
about in ARTSCOPE, New England's Culture Magazine.