Doing Something about International Sweatshops and Poverty

Through Fair Trade Organizations

Fair Trade Organizations differ from commercial importers because their goal is to benefit the artisans they work with, not maximize profits. By reducing the number of middlemen and minimizing overhead costs, FTOs return up to 40 percent of the retail price of an item to the producer. Sixty to seventy percent of the artisans providing fair trade hand-crafted products are third-world women, and often these women are mothers and the sole wage earners in the home.

Bob and Eve decided to be one of the small American businesses that participated in this international cooperative venture, and The Frame Works gallery presently sells beautiful earrings made by an artisan in Nepal. More hand-crafted products from this source are due to be added to the collection within the next few weeks.

If you are interested in learning more about Fair Trade Organizations, please click here: http://www.